Collection: Single Elimination Blind Draw Tournament Brackets

There are two ways to run single or double elimination tournaments --- either "Blind Draw" or "Seeded".

Blind Draw Tournaments are usually run in events when players are not ranked. For example, tavern or bar tournaments such as Cornhole, Darts, Shuffleboard or Billiards usually have these types of tournaments. Match-ups are based solely on the luck of the draw.

You will need to estimate the number of teams to determine if you want a Single or Double elimination tournament. After this has been determined, follow the rules of Single or Double elimination tournaments.

Unlike Blind Draw Tournaments, Seeded Tournaments are set up so that the results of a season or league, and even experience or skill level determines which teams would play against each other in the tournament. The number one ranked team players the lowest ranked seed, the number two ranked team plays the second lowest ranked seed and so on.

You will need to estimate the number of teams to determine which bracket will suit your needs.

The single elimination tournament is best type when you have a large number of teams and a short time frame.

When a team wins they continue, and when they lose they're out Now you will need to draw for a spot on the tournament bracket.

The first team drawn on the line will be number 1, the second team drawn on the line numbered 2 and so on.